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July 26
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You were lounging on the couch in the penthouse you owned with your boyfriend Levi. The Walking Dead was playing, you had a bag of chips resting on your stomach, and life was good.

Levi was out, playing his guitar at the local coffee shop. The way he played made the girls flock to the shop to listen to the way he's fingers flitted up and down the neck of the instrument and the way he only played what came to mind. No sheet music. Ever. A song made out of thin air, he played from his soul.

So if he's THAT impressive, why weren't you there with him? To cling to his arm once he walked off stage so all those sorry bitches could see the dead handsome guy was YOURS. And to watched their delicate faces as they turned away in sorrow and left to find a boy who WASNT already taken. To be honest, that was the question you were currently asking yourself when you heard the lock on the door click open and you heard Levi walk in.

You grabbed the back of the couch and hauled yourself up into a sitting position so you could look over at your boyfriend. Levi saw you and gave a small, almost invisible, smile and walked over to the couch where you were sitting. He jumped over the back of the couch and landed straddling your waist. He wasted no time in dipping his head to your neck and kissing your soft (s/c) flesh.

"Oh hey Levi." You panted as he softly bit your sweet spot. "Afternoon lazy." He growled into your skin. You smacked his chest and he lifted his head to smirk at you. "Can hide from the truth (First)." You sighed and rolled your eyes. "Bite me Levi." His smirk grew even wider at that. "If you say so..." And he reached down to softly bite your bottom lip. You hit him above the collar bone hard, the place where it wouldn't hurt but it would make a loud threatening sound. "Get off me Ackerman." You teased slipping out from underneath him to stand up next to the couch.

Levi propped himself up on his elbow and looked at the television. "Walking Dead huh? Hey have you seen the episode where Lori-" you promptly stuffed a pillow into his face to shut him up. "Probably not! Don't spoil it for me Levi! I'm only on season two!" He raised his hands in mock defeat. "Fine, fine. So what are we doing today?" You walked over to the counter and bent over it, facing Levi. "I dunno, what do YOU want to do Levi?" You asked in a low and seductive voice.

"Clean the house." Levi said in a monotone voice, not even looking at you. You pouted at his response. You walked over to him and straddled his hips. "Anything else?" You asked and kissed his neck. "Yeah a beer, can you get me one?" You leaned back to give him a death glare. "Oh bitch it's on." You told him with a fire in your (e/c) eyes.

You rolled off of him and sat next to him on the couch.

And thus the two of you began ignoring each other.

For an hour.

Then two.

Around the third hour Levi got up and left, mumbling something about food and his large apatite.

Then around the fourth hour he returned, a crinkling sound of plastic grocery bags over powered Norman Reedus' voice of reason (a/n am I the only one with a major raging crush on the guy?) and Levi walked in with a bag of groceries. "Hey (First)," he called from the kitchen. "Are you still ignoring me?" He asked. You just continued to stare at the T.V. screen. Levi walked around to you, you notice he had something hidden behind his back.

"If I give you something, will you love me again?" He joked. You still had your attention directed towards the television. Levi sighed in defeat and threw you the object he was hiding. You spun around and caught it before it hit your face and you heart skipped a beat.

The thing you were craving since morning.

The one thing the could brighten your day.

Oh man did Levi know you well.

It was a bar of your favourite kind of chocolate!

You gasped and ripped the packaging from the treat and bit off a mouthful, chewing happily. Levi watched you with a smile. "So I'm forgiven, yes?" He asked and you nodded enthusiastically. He let out a low chuckle as you finished the chocolate. "So now what (First)?" He asked as you stood up and walked towards him. You grabbed the front of his shirt and dragged him to the bedroom.

"Now I show you my gratitude, my love."

"I thought chocolate was your love."

You laughed and kept leading him to the bed. "I love chocolate, but I love you more." You pushed him down on the bed and he propped himself up to watch you. You slowly unbuttoned your shirt, then crawled ontop of him and unbuckled his belt.

"Let me show you how much I love you."

Mmmhmm that's right, I DIDNT write the sexy scene you wanted! Mwahahaha man am I a cockblocker or what?

just a short little AU because I feel bad about the lack of updating... I need to get mah shit together!

fun fact, originally I had reader bring Levi to a male strip club to make him uncomfortable

i don't own attack on titan
nor do I own the walking dead
or Norman Reedus (that god)
i also don't own you
and I don't own the picture!
but the story is mine, fantasize with it if you want but no stealing!
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